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My last art request tonight, for an Anon who requested 10 years old Nico. I ended up drawing cute young Nico from before Bianca’s death and a slightly older Nico.

A worn out, angry and lone demigod fighting for revenge against the hero who let him down.

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I am the son of Hades. Your death would be great for me.” (x)

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A warning to the people 
The good and the evil
This is war

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Percy Jackson Girls: Eyes

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"To the right

To the left

We will fight to the death

To the Edge of the Earth

It’s a Brave New World

From the last to the first”


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The Great Heroes

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"Leo is it? Yes, well, could you do us a favor and not scream across the entire village? You’re not exactly superior on doing that…"

"Uh, wow, okay. Gee, thanks Reyna. I was…actually singing. Not screaming."

"There’s not that much difference to me."

headcanon: Leo is quite fond of the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons and he would sing so loudly Reyna had to visit him. This is one of those moments where they’re still getting to know each other.

And Hephaestus the last one’s hephaestus shut up i dont know how to draw him didn’t know whether to laugh or cry of shame.

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The Heroes of Olympus. First and Last Words + Color Palettes

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